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Vlad Strizheus, a modern entrepreneur and digital marketing specialist, is the Founder & President of Vavoza. Vlad discovered the power of entrepreneurship and digital marketing when he was introduced to online affiliate marketing in 2016 by Four Percent and has been an entrepreneur ever since.

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Vavoza is a modern digital marketing agency as well as a research organization on a mission to help brands level up and impact the world.

As a certified Google Partner marketing agency, Vavoza can help you scale and grow your business by strategically and deliberately reaching your most ideal prospects on the internet and converting them into loyal customers. Their primary service is online advertising on Google, YouTube, and Google Display Network and they primarily serve companies that sell informational products (educational programs, courses, masterminds, coaching, consulting, and so forth).

As a private research organization, Vavoza conducts research on topics related to marketing, psychology, technology, and so forth and shares useful tips, ideas, and insights with their Vavoza Insider subscribers.

Vlad's 3 Tips To Help You Win In Business

The internet is full of gurus and experts with various opinions and point of views. Vlad is no guru

but here are his top 3 tips for becoming successful in business from his experience.

Commit To Learning

Some people say knowledge is power. Vlad disagrees. Knowledge is what precedes power. Success is power. Commit to becoming a lifelong student of your craft and don't get arrogant - there's always more to learn. Success (aka power) will be a bi-product of your knowledge about a certain subject or thing that you choose to master.

Pursue Your Goals

Create short-term and long-term business goals and do whatever it takes to achieve them. Talking, dreaming, and hoping is easy, anyone can do that. Pursue all your goals even if they scare you. When you get a good idea, start acting on it immediately even if it's 3 in the morning. Starting "tomorrow" never works - do it today.

Build A Brand

Forget about "side hustles". Start and grow a real, longterm business that you will be proud of. Side hustles and "biz opps" sound appealing but they're rarely sustainable. Nothing compares to having your own powerful brand. Plant your flag in your marketplace and don't get distracted - ever. Your brand is your baby, nurture it day and night.

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Vlad Strizheus Reviews

Here's what some successful entrepreneurs are saying about working with Vlad


Four Percent

"Vavoza is one of very few agencies we trust to run and handle marketing campaigns for our company. At the end of the day, only one thing matters - RESULTS. Working with Vlad, we have seen up to 900% ROI. Nothing but love for Vavoza. Great job!"


Internet Lifestyle Hub

"I have been using Vlad's services to support my Google campaigns and I have to say that his knowledge, skills, and ability to deliver results is amazing. I would highly recommend Vlad's services if you want someone who is committed and serious about growing your business using proven traffic methods."


Golden Seed Capital

"Vlad has been looking after my Google campaigns and he is extremely good at what he does. He is extremely knowledgable and leaves no stone unturned to make your campaign a success. I will highly recommended Vlad to anyone who is looking to start or scale his business at a very good ROI."